If you are a firearm enthusiast and want to show your love of guns, then you may think about putting a gunshine state or another type of decal on your vehicle. However, decals, especially the larger ones, tend to peel off over time. If you want to learn about some tricks to keep your vinyl decals secure on your car, then keep reading.

Protect Them From UV Damage

Most vinyl decals will start to peel off from your vehicle as they dry out. They will also start to crack and fade, and this has a lot to do with the strong UV rays that hit the vinyl material. In general, sun damage will destroy your decals over time and keep them from sticking to your car. To prevent this sort of problem, you need to add a protective coating to the vinyl. This is kind of like adding sunscreen to the decal, and it helps to retain the plasticizers in the vinyl that keep the decal in good shape. Keep in mind that you can also replenish the oils if you need to with the assistance of a vinyl replenishing spray. 

To use the protective spray, use a clean cloth to remove dust and debris, then spray the formula on the vinyl decal. Use a soft cotton cloth to spread the spray around the entire decal. Allow the coating to dry afterwards. Sometimes the protective coating may leave your decals looking a bit dull. If you notice this, then use a cloth to gently buff the surface of the vinyl. Also, you should reapply the protective spray at least once every three to four months. 

If you notice your decal becoming faded, you should also try to park your car in your garage or in the shade away from harmful UV rays.

Keep Safe From Oxidation

Oxidation of the vinyl is another issue that can ruin your decal. Chemical breakdown of the vinyl is what causes the oxidation, and the decal will typically wear down when petroleum containing products come into contact with the vinyl. Specifically, most waxes and vehicle finishes are made with petroleum, so try to keep them away from the decal. Also, anything abrasive should be avoided. For example, compounds that are meant to remove small scratches from the clear coat of your vehicle will contain abrasive agents that can scrape your vinyl decal. 

Certain types of cleaners, like ones that contain alcohol or distillates can dry out and oxidize the vinyl too, so try to stick with either dish soap or gentle liquid car wash solutions when washing your vehicle. For more information, contact a business such as Sticker Shack