There are times and places in which you probably wish you had not gone to get a tattoo. Maybe somebody dared you, maybe the tattoo artist insisted on putting something on your skin you did not want. No matter how you cut it, the situation produced a tattoo you did not want or like. Now that you have given more time and thought to a tattoo you do want, here is how to make sure you get exactly what you want and nothing else.

Draw What You Want or Hire an Artist to Draw It

For a tattoo artist to get your tattoo just right, you need to show him/her what you want and not just describe it. It also does not help to try and point out different sections of different tattoos that the tattoo artist has done before or bring clippings of other tattoos from other tattoo shops. These people draw with ink and are artists in their own right, which is why they may be offended if you show them bits of other tattoo artists' work and request a composite of the bits.

Instead, draw out the tattoo you want, exactly as you want it. If you have no artistic skill yourself, hire an artist to draw it for you. This acts as a visual aid for the tattoo artist you hire to do your tattoo.

Draw a Box Around Where You Want the Tattoo to Go

If you do not want a giant tattoo or if you want the tattoo to be somewhere more discreet, use a ball point pen and draw a box around the exact spot where you want the tattoo to go. This helps the tattoo artist figure out how small or large you want the tattoo, exactly where you want it and how to center it within the box. Make sure you are clear about keeping the tattoo mostly inside the box, or the tattoo artist might make it a little bigger than you expected.

Do Not Bend to Peer Pressure 

Finally, get your tattoo by yourself. This may be a little scary, but it will help you avoid any peer pressure from a friend that tells you that you should get something other than what you want. Your tattoo artist also should not try to convince you to get any tattoo you do not want. If anybody tries to influence you to do something different, find another tattoo artist who listens and/or friends who will not pressure you into something else.

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