If you have recently moved into an apartment, you might have noticed that you have a lot of bare, white wall space. In order to brighten up the room, you have two choices. You can either paint the walls to a color that your prefer and paint them back to white just before you move again, or you can purchase art to hang on the walls that will add color to the room.

Painting the walls takes a lot of work and you will have to do it at least twice in order to be certain that you do not get charged extra when you move out of the apartment. If you decide to go with the latter option, here are some tips that you can use to choose art for your home.

1. Know the Dimensions of Your Walls When You Go to the Gallery

Before you go to a gallery, make sure that you know the approximate dimensions of your wall or of the area that you want to hang the painting. To do this, take a tape measure and measure the height and width of the spaces where you want paintings to go. If you are going to hang a painting above a bureau, for example, make sure that the length of the area that you're measuring only goes to the top of the bureau, rather than to the floor, since you don't want any furniture to cover up any part of your painting. Write all of these dimensions down before you go so that you can look at the dimensions of the painting and get a sense of how it will look on the wall in your home and if you have the space for it.

2. Consider the Colors Already in Your Home

Your next step is to consider the colors that are already in your home. For example, if you are decorating a room that has a fabulous purple throw-rug, then you want to be certain that you choose a painting that incorporates some of that color of purple in order to increase the chances that the painting will fit into the room's existing color scheme and not clash.

3. Choose Art That You Love

Finally, if you are trying to decorate your home for the purpose of adding color to your walls, go with choosing art that you love, rather than art that is going to appreciate in value. You want to make sure that you enjoy sitting in the rooms with the art that you have purchased.

For more information, talk to your local art gallery, such as Calgary Editions Gallery. They will be able to help you find pieces that you can enjoy.